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Our Teen-Focused Programs


Did you know that two-thirds of teens are fearful of public speaking? Or that a third of them will suffer from social anxiety at some point?  A lack of self-confidence in social settings can add to the stress of the college application process and hurt their potential, even for teens with high grades and great test scores. 

S&S Youth Foundation addresses this through workshops that teach students:

  • How to communicate persuasively,

  • Ways to build relationships with peers, and

  • Strategies to adopt a leadership mindset that allows them to feel and appear confident in public. 

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Nonprofit Leadership

Houston's teens of today are the city's philanthropists of the future.  Gen­er­a­tion Z was born between 1995 and 2010 and by 2030, Gen Z will represent a third of the workforce. We teach them about nonprofits now so they will be nonprofit leaders of tomorrow.

S&S Youth Foundation is one of the only nonprofits that encourages teens to sit on our board of directors and youth advisory council, where they will help drive our mission. Through this structured approach they learn service and leadership.

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Community Service

When Harvard University studied volunteerism in high school students, Texas teens ranked 42nd out of 50 states. Our goal as we grow is to give teens more opportunities to volunteer in the community.

By working with other nonprofits, we hope to be able to give students experience helping out on a wide variety of causes. It's a win/win for local charities and our young men and women.

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